Harrogates beginners Tai Chi course, learn a Tai Chi practice in six weeks small group class with supporting video

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Would you like to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle? The gentle art of Tai Chi is exactly what you need to calm your mind, strengthen your body and start your journey to a richer & healthier life experience.

"When practicing the form you must stay relaxed. In time you will find it becomes part of your physical and mental state!"
Cheng Man Ching

Discover the art of Tai Chi, a flowing practice that seamlessly integrates breath, movement, and meditation. Whether you're seeking a gateway to mindful movement or aspiring to delve into the realms of Chinese martial arts, our Beginner's Tai Chi Class is the perfect starting point.  These beginners classes focus on balance, health and fitness.  Lay the foundation for a healthier, more balanced life, and unlock the potential for personal growth and self-awareness.


Tai Chi Opening

Cheng Man Ching teaching a class

Tai Chi Class

Cheng Man Ching Tai Chi Rollback

Lu, Roll Back

Exercise For Life

Instead of jarring, high-intensity exercises, Tai Chi uses low-impact, slow moving, naturally flowing movements that are done carefully and mindfully. Movements are usually circular in nature and muscles are relaxed during the exercises. Since it is such a gentle flowing exercise, it offers benefits for people at all fitness levels – from young practitioners to older adults.


Our relaxed and friendly classes are based on the Cheng Man Ching style of Tai Chi. The classes follow a carefully structured syllabus that ensures you will be able to develop your skills at your own pace. From your first lesson you will be shown simple exercises and routines that will lead to better balance, posture, increased strength and flexibility and a calmer, more focussed mind.


O'Connor Chiropractic

101 Station Parade


North Yorkshire

HG1 1HB 

Wednesday, 18:00 - 19:00

Price £55 for six weeks*

*Includes weekly supporting videos


What is Applied Tai Chi

Principle based approach is valuable to cross train along side any martial arts system and though great for any age is especially useful if you find the wear and tear of time or injury are complicating your existing practice.