Tai Chi, Martial Arts & Meditation

Improve functional strength, relaxation, balance and awareness for mind and body.  Harrogate & Leeds weekly public classes.  Hybrid online with monthly seminars for those further a field
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What We Practice

Tai Chi form practice by the side of the river Nidd, Knaresborough, Harrogate

Applied Tai Chi

Applied Tai Chi classes are not your regular Tai Chi classes! Learn a short form, then explore the conditioning and partner practices to develop strength, structure, relaxation and deep awareness. Tai Chi is a principle based martial art providing a great cross training opportunity.  Especially valuable as time or injury gets in the way of your regular practice.

Practicing Escrima Sinawalli vs Staff near Pately Bridge

Escrima, Tai Chi Staff & Stick

Traditional training from Pilipino Escrima, Tai Chi Staff and Chinese stick systems, with practical instruction for an engaging experience. Get fit, integrate mind and body, improve hand eye co-ordination and work towards a flow state while discovering Asia's rich cultural heritage through the mastery of the most primitive of tools.

Meditation and breath work in the Yorkshire Dales

Tai Chi, Meditation & Neigong

Tai Chi practice and meditation, breath work and internal strength practices from a number of asian traditions.  Great for physical and mental health. Run as courses though out the year to give you a practice to take away for life.  These are not martial arts classes and focus on balance, health and fitness. 

Benefits of Practice

Tai chi and martial arts practice for flexibility


Almost everything we do includes some stretching and loosening.

Develop functional strength especially in the legs and core with traditional training methods


Functional strength and stability, especially of the torso and lower  body.

Tai Chi practice for balance


Build  strong ground connection and center your structure over it.

Use Tai Chi and traditional weapon practice to feel and test the alignment of your structure.


Use your body in the efficient way it was intended to be used.

Practice based training to focus the both mind and body via Meditation and Tai Chi practice


Through mindful movement improve concentration and focus

Relax with Tai chi form practice, meditation and breath-work


Soften your mind and body and stop working against yourself.

Train awareness through the application of Yin and Yang in natural environments with tai chi and traditional weapon flows.


From focus comes awareness of the body and mind.

Tai Chi, Escrima, stick and staff help you to train a flow state in Harrogate classes


Move almost subconciously in a state of light relaxed awareness.

Where We Practice

Harrogate Valley Gardens

The Sun pavilion in Harrogate Valley Gardens close to where the Sunday Tai Chi class

Valley Gardens in Harrogate is a beautiful venue for both Tai Chi breath work classes and applied Tai Chi classes. Which are practised every Sunday morning in the Rotunda down the colonnades from the Sun pavilion next to Cornwall Road.

Valley Gardens Classes

Leeds Martial Arts Hut

Martial Arts Hut Alwoodley location for the Bamboo Forest Leeds Tai Chi classes

The Martial Arts Hut is a custom fitted martial arts venue with a matted floor, various hung bags and lots of different training equipment. It has its own carpark, toilets and kitchen area. Bamboo forest runs regular classes on a Tuesday night. Note due to the large mattered floor outdoor shoes are not allowed in the training space.

Martial Arts Hut Classes

O'Connor's Chiropractic

Studio at O'Connors Chiropractor Harrogate location for Beginners Tai Chi classes

O’Connor’s Chiropractic provides additional health and wellness services beyond the Chiropractic care. We hire a space there to provide introductory courses and classes that fit their ethos. Initially Tai Chi and breath work classes but keep an eye out for the other courses covering strength, conditioning and mindfulness.

O'Connor's Chiropractic Classes

Existing Student's Reviews

16:42 25 Feb 24
A fun way to spend Sunday mornings learning various tai chi techniques/skills which has included Escrima stick fighting and Staff forms with Paul and the gang.Paul has a wealth of tai chi martial arts knowledge and experience. He also adapts his classes to suit his students (beginners to more experienced).
Bridget TayanBridget Tayan
14:29 17 Feb 24
If you are interested in learning more about Chinese Martial arts and their application, then this is the place for you. Paul is very knowledgeable and his lessons are always interesting and fun.
17:02 16 Feb 24
I have known Paul who runs Bamboo Forest Martial Arts. Paul's a great teacher in Tai Chi martial arts. Whatever the moves of Tai Chi Paul teaches, you will find him full of patience and lots of knowledge.
Darren TaylorDarren Taylor
20:01 15 Feb 24
I train regularly with Paul under Bamboo Forest and in my experience he is very knowledgeable and a superb trainer. I would highly recommend training with him.
roddy macglashanroddy macglashan
18:40 15 Feb 24
Been here a few times now, quite relaxed and informal with lots of fun. Standard of tuition seems to be pretty good.
alastair galastair g
21:41 14 Feb 24
I've just started at the Harrogate Stick and Staff class. It is my first experience of a weapons based martial art and I have found it very enjoyable. Paul is very good at explaining the underlying principles of the art and there is a good mix of practising techniques solo and as two-person drills. There is a very friendly atmosphere and after the class people tend to finish up at the café nearby and chat. Very glad I found this class.
Erica LErica L
16:43 14 Feb 24
Amazing atmosphere. Found this class and group extremely welcoming and there is a wealth of knowledge. Helps mentally and physically without being too strenuous. Can thoroughly recommend.

Why Work with Bamboo Forest

Discover a vibrant approach to holistic health and fitness, embracing both body and mind at Bamboo Forest Martial Arts. If the traditional gym setting doesn't resonate with you, our martial arts classes offer a compelling alternative to enhance your fitness, well-being, and confidence.

With over 25 years of personal martial arts practice and over two decades of teaching experience, Bamboo Forest is affiliated with the respected Zhong Ding traditional martial arts association. Our rich lineage boasts top-tier practitioners who have shaped the arts we passionately embrace.

At Bamboo Forest, community, inclusion, and diversity are integral to our ethos. We welcome individuals of all genders, ages, and races to participate and foster a supportive environment.  Beyond physical endeavours, the practice of our arts serve as a transformative journey, providing a holistic exploration and improvement of your entire self.

For those seeking application of the traditional fighting arts, Bamboo Forest's applied classes are designed for you. Benefit from our extensive practical training acquired throughout the UK and South East Asia, offering a genuine path to mastering these age-old disciplines.